About IMO

Who are we?

IMO mobile is a new and dynamic sub-brand of Verve Connect, a company with extensive experience in creating exceptional mobile devices and wireless CPEs. The expertise gathered over many years has been channelled into creating the IMO mobile brand, and the launch of its devices into the UK market. IMO’s leadership team is made up from a group of vastly experienced industry professionals who know what UK consumers want, so our simple philosophy is to bring these devices into the marketplace. IMO stands for “In My Opinion” so feel free to tell people about our products and brand. IMO…”Be Different”.

Verve Connect

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Why IMO?

At IMO we encourage our customers to “Be Different”. Our aim is to offer the coolest looking and best value handsets without any compromise in quality or functionality. The UK consumer is always at the forefront of our minds when developing our products and propositions. These are both defined in the UK, enabling everyone to own a top quality phone that does everything you expect, without breaking the bank. IMO…”Be Different”.

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