IMO 4G-5G Routers

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Platform, the 4G-5G Chipset with outstanding performance

The Snapdragon Chipset, the industry’s leading 7nm 4G chipset, enables double speed over first generation Gigabit LTE speed. The 2nd generation 5G Snapdragon chipset has integrated multi-mode support, designed to deliver class-leading speeds to the user.

5G CPE Hub built to maximise speed

The IMO routers support both 4G and 5G networks, allowing stable and fast Wi-Fi connection. You can download a HD video clip in a few seconds and stream a 4K video without buffering.

Enhanced Wi-Fi 6 technology

The IMO 4G-5G routers are designed with enhanced Wi-Fi experience. The strong Wi-Fi speed up over 40%, enabling you to stream videos, surf the internet or work remotely with all the performance you need without the need for cables.

Antennas designed for 360° signal reception

The sensitive omnidirectional antennas ensure great signal reception. With integrated signal strength indicator, your smart IMO router will signal best positioning and visibly indicate network strength to ensure you receive the best connectivity available.

Plug and Play, easy access to fast internet connection anywhere

The IMO 4G-5G routers are designed with built-in intelligence. Connect our router to your home or office network, it will immediately recognise and self-start activation and initiate its configuration.

Ideal internet solution for business

The IMO routers are a great and versatile solution for small and medium enterprises, providing super-fast and reliable network access for up to 64 users.

IMO SmartRouter app

With the IMO SmartRouter App, set-up is only one click away, helping you connect all your devices to your router Wi-Fi connectivity, simply and securely.