IMO Reveals New Connectivity Products Portfolio


IMO, In My Opinion, is the connectivity brand of Verve Connect, who provide our customers with the most popular technology at affordable prices. IMO today reveal their new range of cutting-edge connectivity products, including fixed-line routers, wireless routers, and Mesh solutions.

We are delighted to introduce IMO’s comprehensive fixed-line broadband product offering, developed from a proven knowledge of delivering technical product into the telecoms market, the supporting of key market trends, and delivered by our exceptional local UK team. Our fixed-line broadband portfolio includes xDSL, Fibre, Cable, Gateways and WiFi6 routers and encompasses download speeds up to 4200Mbps, simultaneous dual band, WiFi 6, 4*4 MIMO and will therefore cater for even the most demanding user of data, whether that be gaming online, streaming 4K UHD films, or multiple users browsing data heavy usage at home or at work.

The wireless routers include super-fast 4G+, 5G routers and outdoor routers. The plug-and-play 4G+ and 5G routers are powered with strong carrier aggregation, 4*4 MIMO, dual band and Wi-Fi6 technology. Our wireless routers deliver speeds of 600Mbps, 1.2Gbps, up to 2.5Gbps, with matching Wi-Fi throughput. Both our 4G+ and 5G hubs are great versatile solutions for small and medium enterprises, providing super-fast and reliable network access for up to 64 users.

IMO’s Mesh Wi-Fi solution will greatly enhance the customer experience in more spacious environments. It enables Wi-Fi to be extended to all rooms easily and seamlessly providing uninterrupted connectivity to all your connected devices.

James Hunt, Business Development Director of IMO, commented: “By releasing these market-leading Connectivity products, we continue in our ambition to support our partners with reliable and value-driven options. With high performance, great quality and attractive design, our range of fixed-line and wireless routers provides cost-effective connectivity solutions for both the household and business, providing smooth and efficient UHD (4K) video streaming and incredible gaming capabilities.”

Chris Edwards, IMO’s Chief Marketing Officer, remarked: “The addition of the fixed-line and higher speed wireless broadband device has strengthened our portfolio of products and complements our mobile handset offer for our existing customers while opening up new partnership opportunities.”

For more information on IMO’s connectivity products, please visit: Partners who have business interests are invited to get in touch with IMO for more information.