Details of your IMO 2 year warranty

Your IMO mobile device is guaranteed for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Your warranty period begins from the date you purchased your device. Any product parts or other equipment that is replaced will become the sole property of Verve Connect Ltd. In repairing or replacing the product, Verve Connect may use new or refurbished parts or components, or parts and components which are similar in specification and functionality.

If your device fails under normal conditions of use, you will need to visit our website support page www.imomobile.local/support and follow the simple instructions to get your device repaired or replaced.

Remember to save any data contained on your device so that it is not lost whilst your phone is being repaired or replaced. Verve Connect will not be held liable for loss of any content following a repair or replacement of your device.

When sending your product, it is important to:
– Follow the instructions on the IMO website
– Provide evidence of the initial date of purchase clearly stating the name and address of where you purchased the device together with the type of product and the IMEI number (This is normally found under the battery when removed).

This warranty only covers parts, product defects and design or manufacturing flaws.

It does not cover: 

1. Normal wear and tear

2. Defects caused by mishandling or product abuse (incorrect operation, dropping, shocks, etc.)

3. Modifications or repairs carried out by unauthorised persons

4. Short circuited batteries, damaged cells or signs of forced entry

5. Any use of the product other than that for which it was designed

6. Use of or connection to a non-compliant or damaged accessory

7. Exposure of product to moisture, extreme temperature variations, corrosion, oxidation, contact with or close proximity to food, liquids, chemical products and, in general, any substance capable of impairing the product

8. Broken or cracked screen or damaged casing, visibly caused by dropping the device

9. Accidents or natural disasters or any other cause beyond the control of Verve Connect, such as (but not limited to) water, lightning, fire, power surge, etc.

10. Damage to the battery due to excessive charging and / or failure to follow the use and safety recommendations and instructions as stated in the product manual

11. Altering, changing, damaging or rendering illegible the IMEI number

An independent, third-party operator supplies the SIM card and the network on which your product operates. Under this warranty, Verve Connect disclaims any responsibility for the operation, availability, coverage, services or network or system capacity. The liability of Verve Connect and its approved after-sales service is limited solely to the cost of repairs and / or replacing the unit during the warranty period.

For any questions or information concerning your IMO phone, or if your mobile phone does not work properly, please visit www.imomobile.local/support

*You must be able to produce your sales invoice*.